Parables and the “Zen” of Jesus

If you think that Jesus told his parables to make his teaching clear, simple, and relevant, then I recommend you read this blog posting “Parables and the ‘Zen’ of Jesus.” It is written by Michael Jinkins, President of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. After reading it, I will never think about Jesus’ parables in the same way again.

2 thoughts on “Parables and the “Zen” of Jesus

  1. Judy Brown

    Gordon, I wait until I have time to contemplate your blogs, so I am just now reading this one. I am fascinated with the “zen of Jesus.” It makes sense to me that his parables are much deeper and more “mystic’ and Eastern than we think. I need to study them again. Hmmm – maybe I need to set aside a day to just contemplate. Judy


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