Time for a Sabbatical

Thank you for being an engaged reader.

I’ve been writing this blog for eight years. It’s been a joyful experience sharing with you my insights into the Bible. I also delight in the wonderful feedback you have sent me.

In recent months, however, I have begun to sense my creative well running dry. I feel that my recent writing does not bring fresh insight into the Bible’s message. Writing has become something of a burden.

I’ve decided to take a sabbatical for several months. After that I will assess if the break has recharged my batteries. If it has, I will return, I hope, with new enthusiasm and new creativity. I plan to keep my site active so you can access the archive of past postings if you choose to do so.

Thank you for being a steady and engaged reader. I hope the past eight years have broadened your knowledge and understanding of the Bible. I urge you to continue to read it on your own. Let the Word do its work.


9 thoughts on “Time for a Sabbatical

  1. Judith Brown

    Gordon, I completely understand your need for a sabbatical! (Does the word sabbatical come from the word sabbath?) I have loved reading them, and have them in a separate file. Just recharge and come back when you feel like it. Judy


    1. Thanks, Judy. You have been a wonderfully consistent reader. I appreciate that. Yes, the word sabbatical comes from the word sabbath. In Old Testament law there was a provision that specified that Israelite farmers should farm their land for six years in a row, then in the seventh year, leave the land fallow to rest and rejuvenate. Then in the eighth year, they could resume farming. That is the biblical source of the idea of sabbaticals, except now we extend the idea of a sabbatical beyond farming to other engagements as well.


  2. Gayle Barron

    Gordon, Thank you for sharing your Biblical reflections through this blog, you have given me much to think about. May this sabbatical be a time of resting in God and a time for refreshing your soul. Blessings, Gayle


  3. Peggy Fischer

    Gordon, thank you for your insightful comments. I have enjoyed reading your blog and have been jogged into action several times because of what you’ve written. Enjoy your sabbatical and may you come back stronger than ever.


  4. Marilyn and Bob Wallace

    Thank you very much for all the years of teaching you have given us. We enjoyed it immensely and learned from it many things we have passed on to our large family. So your efforts are living on.

    As to what occurs in your future, feel good about it before it evan gets here. God will take care of it. Enjoy letting His will be done.

    Love, Marilyn and Bob Wallace


  5. May Lythgoe

    May your sabbatical prove to be productive in whatever area you find comfort. I will miss your blog and understand the need for “recharging the battery.” Enjoy.


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